Sunday, January 31, 2010

First Visit to Mark's House

In spite of the terrible weather and Paul's car konking out, it looks like there was big fun at Mark's house!

It looks like scenery night!  Nothing like a little plaster to get things going.  It is really hard to write this when I wasn't there to see it!

Big rubber mixing bowls are perfect for this kind of scenery.

Mark obviously grabs a pick up game of hoops in his spare time.

Coalfinger Ken is an N-scaler, so this is right up his ally.  Taping off the track goes a long way to prevent damage.

The mountain is starting to get some color.

The base coat is added to seal the plaster and to give the scenery a good foundation.

Glue Bob, who is no longer sceneryphobic is getting his hands wet.

Nothing like hanging out with friends and getting plastered.

Rock castings abound on this layout.  Nice looking road!

More painting, more rocks....

I'm not sure the scenery colors go with the tapestry, but I like this cool shot!

Done!  Looks like there was great progress!

New Shared Library System

We are putting together a new shared library system for those that are willing to loan dvd's and books.

Bob Wheeler is getting it together on an Excel spreadsheet and you'll now see a link for it in the sidebar on the blog.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our Friendly Faces!

Paul, Ken (hidden), Rick, Bob and Steve

Bob (with glove) and Steve (afraid of glove)

Scott (on the rocks)
Rick (plastered)

Ken (waiting for the ink to dry)

Paul (good clamp replacement)

Steve (on his knees)

Bob (getting wired)

"Damn - that is a big cock roach!"


Keith wants to know why we aren't laying track.

Deodorant Test Results....FAIL

Very small horns

Kinda reminds me of a velvet painting of dogs playing poker


Welcome To The North County Interchange Operating Group Blog!

Hi folks!

The North County Interchange Operating Group has now gone blog!  Actually, we've been blogging for a while, but on other people's blogs.

Now we have our own!

Watch as we have fun building layouts in our basements!