Saturday, April 9, 2011

Moving the ONR Ramore Sub & start of Mark's layout room

April 8, 2011 we moved the ONR Ramore Sub’s 11 of 12 modules from Bob’s to Marks house for a few weeks of storage. A thank you first to Mark and his wife Benita for the storage space and then to Ken, Paul, Mark and his son Jacob , John, Steve and his friend Randy and Colin for the help in loading and the transportation. We were able to fit 11 modules in Mark, Paul, and John’s SUVs, Ken’s little wonder wagon and Halina’s car. We also transported all the L girders, sub-framing, legs and many boxes of cars and locomotives. It actually went quite well. However the module of Kirkland Lake and Swa Junction we could not fit in the SUVs. This module was originally designed and built as 2 separate modules but when I ended up with a curved turn-up at a joint, I decided to make them one. This made the module a little awkward in shape and size. Paul feels that it will fit in his (Donna's) pick-up truck. We will do this when the pick-up gets back from the muffler shop. After we unloaded everything at Marks we built a 2 x 4 wall, for the start of his layout room. This ended up being a very productive evening. Thanks guys!

Modules removed from the L-girders

The 12 modules sitting in a 6' x 8' space ready for transport

Will this ever fit back together???

Loading the modules in the SUVs at Bob's

Paul says " we can fit one more in here" as Steve's friend Randy looks on in amazemant
Loading a module in to John's SUV.

The ONR Module Caravan leaves Bob's

The Module Caravan arrives at Mark's.

The 12 modules safely at Mark's.

The crew taking a well deserved break.


Mark and his son Jacob start construction of the wall while everyone looks on.

Lifting the assembled wall in place. Mark's eyes saying "I hope I measured right and this fits?

Yes Mark . . . . it fits perfectly?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dismantling the ONR Ramore sub for the move.

With an April 28 move fast approaching we started dismantling the ONR Ramore sub Friday night. Thanks to Paul, Steve, Keith, Ken, John and Colin for their help. We were very pleased to see Steve who had just flown in from Germany in the afternoon and who took the time to come and see us and give a great helping hand. Keith was also in town or the first time in some time took the time to come over as well. We started the night packing the rolling stock and then took down the shelf cartridges and took them downstairs. We then removed the first module, Kirkland Lake. I was quite concerned about this one as it was installed in a very non conventional manner but it did come loose. Afterward we unbolted the two modules along the wall nearest the desk. These worked out well as expected. Prior to the dismantling my good friend Bran visited us this week from Montreal. We ran a 40 car train as the last run with the one Hobbytown RS3. See the photo below. Thanks all for your help. Next week we will move the modules to Mark’s. The Kirkland Lake module sitting on the floor.
Dismantling the layout. The scenic divider is removed.

The last run, a 40 car train with Bob's visiting friend Brian.