Monday, September 5, 2011

Friday night at John Kruse's home 9-2-11

The group met at John's home for a work session and some fun. In attendance were Coalfinger Ken, Packrat Paul, Band Camp Mark, Glue Bob, Popsicle Rick, and of course "No Name" John. John's wife Shirley made some delicious home-made brownies - YUM! After the usual chow down and work discussion we got busy. These pictures are from my cell phone so the quality is not the usual.

John's new "Man Cave" sign was a hit! Yours truly ordered a Man Cave sign as a result although it will be a different style. The sign came in handy as Shirley was downstairs chatting with the guys and John pointed at the sign and brought it to her attention as a hint for her to take her leave. John is either very brave or foolish!

Here's the whole crew (less me) discussing the goal for the evening which was to get the track sub-roadbed roughed in and elevation set.

Bob lectures the guys on the finer points of model railroading.

Paul, John & Bob look at the plan. Paul is the "human elevation calculator" in that all you have to do is give him two out of the three (track length, grade percentage & elevation) and he will give you the third item - all in his head!

Mark is pondering the state of affairs before blazing through his tasks.

Ken is holding this corner in place that kept floating up off of the floor.....or, he is waiting for instructions.

I didn't get any action shots but there was jig saw sawing and drill drilling along with other work happening. I left around 9:30p and they were still going strong.

[Pictures & story by Rick Wade]


  1. Should change the name to the "standing around" club! Can't believe you aren't calling him Caveman John!

  2. Scott,

    U funnie man, Mr. Scott! I like the idea about Caveman John and will propose it to the group.



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