Friday, September 9, 2011

Work session at Rick's on 9-9-11

It had been a long time since the gang had been at the Richlawn Railroad and a great deal has changed since the last work session. In attendance were: Glue Bob, Band Camp Mark, Packrat Paul and his nephew David, Coalfinger Ken, Cave Man John (and his wife Shirley), and Popsicle Rick.

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I hoped that Cave Man John would appreciate my new Man Cave sign posted on the outside basement door.

POSTED: Man Cave! Women can visit but only for awhile

What happens in the Cave stays in the Cave. Of course, its an indoor railroad, not a garden variety!

Organization is the key, so I had a sign posted with the jobs along with all of the material and supply arranged for each team.

The guys got a laugh out of my organization, but everybody knew what was supposed to happen.

Team A (Ken & John) worked on the pleating the fascia curtain. Shirley was upstairs visiting with Midge, but did visit us briefly to see the alcove mural. Here's a close up of Ken using the templates to make the pleats. I was originally going to have the guys hot glue the pleats but opted for using a stapler. Not hot glue burns!

Bob & Mark were on Team C - view block installation. The task involved stringing a steel cable and hanging bed sheets to hide the mess (who made this big mess???). Here Bob is asking Mark to hand him a tool.

Ken & John are off to a great start - who will complete their task first and win the prize (there really isn't a prize!)

Team B members Paul & David slapping on the paint on the fascia. The challenge was to get the fascia painted without painting the fascia curtain, floor, self, etc....

Mark & Bob taking a second to get their mugs plugged.

John wielding the stapler while Bob looks on.

Paul pointed out that the gray color I picked for the fascia looks a great deal like L&N gray - I promise I didn't do that on purpose. Could it be that L&N has soaked into my subconscious?

Laundry day? Not exactly, but I'm using the wife's good bed sheets to make a partition to block the view of all the junk! Meanwhile, Paul takes a break watching DVDs of what else? Trains, of course!

Break time! The guys are watching DVD that my sister bought me for my birthday - a 12 DVD set!. I'll use the TV and DVD player during my Piedmont Pilgrimage open house (Oct 15th) to play a run through video of the Richlawn Railroad using my train mounted camera.

So which team won? Well, with the weighting on how difficult and time consuming the tasks were I declare it a tie! All tasks were completed, most of the snacks were consumed, DVDs watched, lies told, kidding done (especially about Bob's unusually SMOOTH legs!) and a great time had by all. Thank you, Gentlemen for you help and fellowship!

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